Conor Gearty Welcome to my website. Here you will find information on me, my research and publications. I am very keen on getting my ideas across to as wide a number of people as possible. As I publish in lots of different places and in different kinds of formats, I am using this site to make most of my publications available for free download. As academic publications take a long time to come out and are sometimes published in unusual places, I am including such pieces whenever I can. The download will be in PDF format.

The publications included here are organised by type and then (within each type) by date. There is also a keyword search engine which will help you find papers on themes such as terrorism, human rights, civil liberties or Ireland. Please browse. I also do a very great deal of talks and speak at many conferences and events. These are included here under events.

There are also links to other interesting websites including those for my two workplaces, the law department  and  Matrix Chambers , from where I practise law. (My own web space at LSE is conor gearty at LSE .)

I also have a link to my blog (now integrated directly with this site) where I both give my opinion of topical developments and also try out ideas from time to time.

In Autumn 2010 I launched a new book-on-the-web (called THE RIGHTS’ FUTURE). This was published weekly until February 2011. You can access the book at therightsfuture . 

You can also find links to my publications on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN), author 336608. If you want to comment you can contact me directly.

I write in newspapers and magazines from time to time and you will find my contributions included here as well.

Please also keep an eye on me on Twitter .


My thoughts on Human Rights, Civil Liberties and Terrorism.